Suitoria Hotels & Management welcomes every guest to this website, we are pleased & highly delighted. For all your hospitality needs, suitoria hotels is the answer.

Suitoria hotel, Lokoja gives you more than you can think of.

  • Main Gate from Inside

    Entrance to the Reception

    Florence Abiodun Hall

    Car Pack facing the banquet hall entrance

  • Florence Abiodun hall Entrance

    Florence Abiodun hall view from the left side

    Florence Abiodun hall view from the right side

    New Estension Car Park Space

  • Hotel Generators

    Laundry Building

    Managers Office

    Inside Conference Hall

Suitoria Hotel, lokoja is your No.1 hotel, that offers state of art facilities for your maximum comfort. Our rooms are well equipped and the hotel premises is very lively to offer sense of recreation.

We have olympic standard swimming pool complex for all your outdoor pleasures, we also have well equipped restaurant for local, continental or assorted meals.

Our hotel have a well equipped Bars, Laundry Complex, Mini Open Bar, Conference Hall, Business Centre, Supermarket, Gymnastic facilities and Wireless Hotspot to stay connected during your stay within the hotel enviroment. We are determined to keep offering the best of hospitality services in and around Nigeria at large.

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